Discover the New Trend Shapewear for the Hot Summer Months

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    Summer can be a very lively season. You can take advantage of the warmer days to walk outdoors with friends, enjoy a day by the sea or perhaps enjoy a pool.

    On the other hand, it is also necessary to choose the right clothing that can be effective to face a day at work or to take the children to school without having to sweat excessively or feel too hot. Maybe shapewear hasn't even crossed your mind, but the innovative technology of blue tag clothing may surprise you positively.

    blue tag clothing

    Sleeveless Pieces Shape a Beautiful Silhouette

    You can take advantage of hot days to enhance your upper body. So, choose pieces that can beautify the shoulder, neck and collarbone area. Therefore, you can leave these areas free or add an accessory such as a delicate cord. You can choose pieces with thin straps or maybe something different like triangular straps to add style to your outfit.

    Shapewear mesh allows you to have the best version of your curves naturally. Furthermore, the fabric has technology that makes it extremely soft in contact with the body. You can enjoy clothing that leaves you cool, provides a buttery and moisturizing sensation to the body.

    Sleeveless Pieces Shape a Beautiful Silhouette

    Invest in Fluidity to Increase Femininity

    There are dresses that increase your personal power because they make you look naturally more beautiful. Therefore, you can select pieces with specific details, such as a new arrival shaper dress in a light color that goes well with warmer days.

    Furthermore, the A-Line shape delivers light movement for an elegant look in just the right amount. Your curves gain support through the body shapewear that comes underneath. The highly elastic mesh fits the tummy, thighs, hips and butt. It goes well with low-heeled shoes and flat sandals.

    Elegant Long Dress Styles

    You can choose a long dress with a round neck for more formal events and a slip dress for a night where you want to exude sensuality. It's not difficult to fit dresses of different lengths into your personal style. These pieces have features that make your body slim. Furthermore, an elastic and modern fabric allows your look to be breathable and provides you with comfort to live any occasion with greater security.

    Elegant long dress styles

    Cooling Bluetag Series

    The Blue Tag collection features clothes that have a cooling effect to lower your body temperature. Additionally, you get over 99% effective protection that blocks UVA/UVB rays. You can create different looks with your body shaping dress, simply by investing in different accessories. The shapewear mesh defines the belly, thighs and butt. It has an overlapping design between the legs to make your trips to the bathroom easier. In addition, you can achieve the perfect cleavage through a support that supports and allows changes, as the cushions can be removed.

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