You called it pasion, but I called it ...

Everytime I had a headache, I just can do one thing, sit in front of my laptop and start make sound like ... tuk, tuk, tuk. Yeah, i just in to writing. It’s like a ... some amazing medicine. It can make my headache go away. It can make my tears flow and than dissapear. It can make my smile comeback in no time. It can ... ah there aro so many thing I can get in my writing time.

When I scan my twitter acc, I have read some interesting word or maybe sentence. I’m not sure the certain sentence, but she told, ‘not every pasion can be ballance with the life. Because, sometimes something you called it passion can’t make money for you’. Yeah, there are so many work that’s not really everyone’s passion. But, why they still like to do it in their entire life? Maybe because, they need to life. They need to make a life for their family. As the result, they must put away that passion of their life. It’s common.

What about me? Right now, yes. There no difference for me. I just do it, everything around me. And make some tiny time to exspressed my feeling or just do something stupid. I just love to do it.

For me, the ultimate happiness is ... do something based on my passion and can make a live from that. So, I can work like a playing around the entire time.

(pardon my poor grammar and typo. Enjoy ... hehehe)
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