Will U Miss Me?

Yes, I do. I do miss them so much. Its such a long time, last time posting about jdrama in my other blog. Well, there so many reason, I can’t even write or posting on that blog. Maybe, just my laziness? Yeah, that one of them. I do love writing, i do love watching drama and of course i do love reading some novel. I do love blogging. And it give me more energy.

An article from my blog buddy a bit ... funny and make me exciting at same time. Its about love, but not ‘that’ love. Its about love for bias or an actor who make your heart flutter more and more, ehe. Yeah, she write love’s categories, based on who’s actor she likes. And my fangirl heart just really tickled. Should I wrote some kind of article? And ... here I am, writing something from my bottom heart.

I do really miss them so much, writing and blogging. Something to release my anger, something to expressed my feeling. And something to make my heart happy. And I will more happy, if my writing can make other people happy to.

(pardon my poor gramar and typo. I just trying make myself more comfy writing in english. Enjoy ^_^ )
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