“What do you think about marriage?” He asked Me.

What will you do? What your answer, when someone ask you “What do you think about marriage?” Marriage is complicated things, I think. Marriage isn’t just about two people in love. Marriage is ... story about two family with difference background. Will the family accept the other or not? Or, how about life after marriege?

Man will ask his GF about marriage, usually. Some of them will accept it in no time. And the other will have a difficult time to find the answer. Its common that ‘the question’ can lead a breakup.

Me? Long time ago, there is a man who ask me to marriage him. Back than, I’m still to young. Of curse, I reject him. And then, another man come with same question. But, I haven’t difference answer. Why? Not sure. Just ... marriage is complicated think. Don’t ask about my age, ok?

One of my blogger-buddy told me, marriage is more complicated to a man. I’m not sure. When I ask him, he promise me a story at his blog. It make me even more curious.

I ask my female friend about marriage. They agree to marriage their man, but why? And yeah, there aren’t solid answer. Its still make me more curious. And, maybe there are difference answer if I ask my male friend, isn’t it?

So, I ask you, man, what do you think about marriage?

(ini artikel kedua gue dalam bahasa inggris. Hmmm ... Cuma berdoa aja, semoga gue nggak panen rambutan gegara banyak misspelling atau grammarnya kacau, hahahaha. Feel free give your comment below or just tell me some mistake in this article)
“What do you think about marriage?” He asked Me. “What do you think about marriage?” He asked Me. Reviewed by Bening Pertiwi on Rating: 5

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  1. Iya iya gue punya utang tulisan tentang menikah dari sudut pandang pria.
    Nanti gue tulis, maklum lagi bimbang hati jadi belum nemu moodnya :D

  2. as long as people understand the content, i wont be grammar nazi mbak :D

    Me too kok mbak, it's very complicated things beacuse once you commit you can't undo that easily. :P

    1. hehehehe, sy jd malu, masih belajar nulis gini

      ya, sampai hari ini, saya jg belum menemukan cara menguraikan keruwetan soal pernikahan, yg ada dlm pikiran sy, hmmmm


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