Writing a Feature Article? 5 Simple Tips Below Will Help You

This is my first English article on this blog. It just come to my mind, I want to try something new. And now, this is my rewrite article from some foreign blog. Enjoy!

Some website use feature article to do marketing strategy. It’s made your blog or website content like an expert and also will catch the eye of your customer. These 5 simple tips below can help you write a feature article easier.

Who are Your Readers?

This is basic rule before writing a feature article. Who are your readers? You can decide whom you’re targeting. Some information like work, live and what information is he looking for can help you making good article. Imagine that you will talk to person in front of you.

What Your Goal End?

What do you want him to feel after that person read your article? And after that, what action do you want him to take? Its necessary to know what result will happen after the reader read your article.

What is Important?

This is the classic “benefits over features” marketing rule. Some people find an article important to them. But sometimes, they think the articles just some of scum. So, it’s important make an articles relevant to the reader.

What Your Information?

What kind articles will make the reader keep reading? It’s must have some important information to them. What is important for the reader to know? You can make it into some bulleted list to make people have their focus.

Will You Answer Their Questions?

When you write your articles, its mean you’re ready to get some question about you’re sharing information. What additional questions might come up?

In marketing, content counts. Now that you’ve got these 5 simple tips for writing a feature article, it’s never been easier.

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